Facilities & Equipment

Open 24 Hours 365 Days a Year

Secured Parking

Showers & Changing Rooms

1kg Incrementing Dumbells to max of 62kg

Full Range Of Cable Machines

Full Range Of Strength Training Equipment

Powerlifter Dead Lift Block

Membership Fees


Fee: R250/pm

This membership is for adults below the age of 60 and older than 20.


Fee: R190/pm

This is a discount membership, id's are needed, These are for the ages of 60 and above.


Fee: R190/pm

This is also a discounted membership, You Must be Below the age of 20, Id is needed.

Note: If you are a New Member you will need to buy a Access card to get into the gym for a once off fee of R50, you will also need to purchage a gate tag for R50 to gain access to George Campbell School Premises which also gives you secured parking.